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Summer School

15th-25th of August 2023

The Frontiers of Mixing summer school addresses all aspects of mixing from transport and dispersion to homogenization by diffusion. It aims at confronting the perspectives, models, strategies and applications of mixing encountered, e.g., in complex flows and heterogeneous media, reactive systems and phase changes, living or active media, olfaction and sensing, and natural or industrial environments…

This Summer school is held at the Cargèse Scientific Institute (IESC) in Corsica, from Tuesday the 15th to Friday the 25th of August 2023.

It consists of lectures and practicals for attendees and scientific talks by invited researchers.

Scientific program

Programme and timetable

Speaker presentation slides : 

week 1 : 

Marco Dentz, Diffusion, Dispersion, and Hydrodynamics:
Daniel Lester, Kinematics, Chaos and Fluid deformation: D.Lester Presentation
Patrice Meunier, The diffuselet concept for scalar Mixing:
Emmanuel Villermaux, The Quantum Mechanics of Mixing:

Tanguy Le Borgne, Mixing and reaction in disordered media:

Joaquin Jimenez, Solute mixing and mixing-driven reactions in frozen complex networks: multiphase and bio-colonized systems:

Jörg Schumacher, Modeling of transport and large-scale dynamics in turbulent convection flow:

Anne De Wit, Chemo-hydrodynamic mixing and self-organized patterns:

Bloen Metzger, Mixing in and by sheared particulate suspension:

Pierre Jop Mechanisms of homogenization in granular media, dispersion, diffusion, segregation: Mixing in granular media

Week 2:

Massimo Vergassola Learning to navigate turbulent environments: Navigation pdf presentation

Sylvie Lorthois Mechanisms underlying heterogeneity of blood flow and transport in the brain microcirculation:

Lidia Morawska Particles from human respiratory activities: generation, emission, transport in the air and their role in airborne infection transmission:

Dethlef Lohse Droplets and Bubbles in turbulence: the importance of mixing:

Rolland Pellenq Mixing/de-Mixing in Cities: From urban texture to urban climate:

Eric Lauga, Active flows in Living systems:

Eric Clément, Dispersion and mixing in bacterial fluids:

Olivier Detournay, Novel bio-production method for innovative therapies:

Colm Caulfield Mixing up the Climate:

Willima R. Young Mixing up the Ocean:

Noushine Shahidzadeh Crystallization from evaporating solutions:

Luis Cueto Multiphase flow and mixing in hydrogen storage in porous formations:


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This Summer school is organized within the Marie-Curie Skłodowska ITN CoPerMix.