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PHD Vacancies for June 2021

The ITN-CoPerMix Project seeks PhD students to study Mixing

Covering a broad range of topics, we have excellent opportunities to work within a Europe-wide network of researchers, with a tailored plan of activities and many interactions.
For information and applications concerning the various projects please email the associated supervisor(s).

Water transport and mixing in plants

Objectives: Understand water transport and solute mixing in plant roots.

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Deep ocean mixing by breaking internal waves

Objectives: Understand the mixing efficiency in Oceans through the interplay between stratification and wave stirring.

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Mixing in granular systems

Objectives: Objectives: Frame the lamellar approach to the description of mixing into granular systems.

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Mixing in multiphase, multicomponent fluid systems in confined geometries

Objectives: Characterize the role of interface dynamics and interfacial mass transport in mixing and stirring at the pore scale. Determine the impact of mixing on multicomponent fluid mixtures in porous media.

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Impact of pore structures on mixing dynamics

Objectives: Quantify the impact of the complex pore structures upon fluid stretching laws and reactive mixing.

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A new geo-inspired mixer to optimize bioreactors

Objectives: Characterize mixing in a soft-mixer in order to maximize transport while minimizing shear.

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Impact of Structure on Mixing and Dispersion Dynamics in Heterogeneous Porous Media

Objectives: Link medium heterogeneity to flow deformation and mixing; derive regional scale dispersive mixing model.

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Convective mixing in heterogeneous porous media

Objectives: Quantify the effect of heterogeneity on stirring and mixing of fluids under convective instabilities

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Mixing and precipitation patterns linked to groundwater evaporation in arid environments

Objectives: Identify and characterize mineral precipitation patterns linked to groundwater evaporation in arid environments and their spatial and temporal evolution using reactive transport modelling techniques.

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Entrainment and turbulent mixing at the interface of atmospheric clouds

Objectives: Understand the impact of turbulent mixing of clear air with humid air on the broadening of the cloud droplet size distribution and thus on the initialization of rain formation

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Reactive mixing in porous media

Objectives: Theoretical and experimental study of the impact of advective mixing on the yield of the reaction A+B->C.

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Chemical control of interfacial hydrodynamic instabilities

Objectives: Analyze theoretically how chemical reactions can actively influence mixing by modifying, creating or suppress- ing a hydrodynamic instability at the interface between two fluids

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Learning to navigate in complex odor landscapes

Objectives: Attack the problem of olfactory navigation building upon the recent successful application of Reinforcement Learning to bird soaring in turbulent environments

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Bacterial growth and competition in scalar mixtures

Objectives: Understand and model the spatial patterns, growth dynamics and competition of bacteria in heterogeneous scalar fields composed of electron donors and acceptors originating from different sources

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Chemotactic strategies in heterogeneous concentration fields

Objectives: Define the chemotactic strategy in fragmented/intermittent concentration fields and its impact on bacterial resi- dence time distribution in porous media

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