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Solvay Conference

Solvay Conference: Mixing across scales and disciplines Brussels, 04-06 December 2024 The CoPeRMix final conference will discuss the key advances of the program as perceived by academic and industrial members of the consortium, and will identify the next questions to address for the future. The conference will be open to the general audience. More informations […]

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Frontiers of Mixing

Summer School 15th-25th of August 2023 The Frontiers of Mixing summer school addresses all aspects of mixing from transport and dispersion to homogenization by diffusion. It aims at confronting the perspectives, models, strategies and applications of mixing encountered, e.g., in complex flows and heterogeneous media, reactive systems and phase changes, living or active media, olfaction […]

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Workshop 3 – lifetime skills

Workshop 3 of the CoPerMix project was held in Barcelona at the IADEA-CSIC  institute from the 27th to the 31st of March 2023   Objectives of the workshop  Provide the skills and tools to the fellows for successful management of their PhD project, an effective communication of their research results and optimal preparation of their […]

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Workshop 2 – Mixing in Action

Workshop 2 was held at the ICTP in Trieste, Italy from the 17th-21st of October 2022. Objectives of this workshop This workshop is devoted to going beyond the simplest mixing situations and embracing complex situations involving the coupling between advection/diffusion in complex media or complex flows and the coupling with chemical reactions or phase changes […]

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Copermix Mid-term meeting

The Mid-term meeting was held in Brussels on the 16th and 17th of June 2022. All Copermix PIs and ESRs attended the event. For more information about this meeting and its content please contact the following person:  

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