Workshop 1

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Objective: Provide common high-level phenomenological and theoretical background about the new lamellar description of mixing, and first contacts with state of the art experimental and computational techniques.


  • Prerequisite on hydrodynamics and transfers: low Reynolds number flow, turbulence, Brownian motion, diffusion equation, relevant dimensionless numbers
  • The lamellar approach of mixing: Ranz’s transform, application to simple flows
  • Stirring protocols and concentration distributions: a consequence of the stretching protocol on the concentration distribution (sine-flow, turbulent flow, porous media, suspensions)
  • Experimental techniques: index-matching, laser-induced fluorescence with hands-on demonstrations
  • Overview on mixing applications and industrial processes: history of mixing optimization, requirements and prospective for industrial applications

This workshop will be held at the IUSTI institution in Marseille (château-gombert).

You can download the program here: