Over the four years of the project, 25 deliverables will be presented with public dissemination.

D1.1. Portable Facility D1.2. Extension of the lamellar framework D1.3. Report D2.1. Simulation platform D2.2. Validation of 3D Diffusive Strip Model from experiments and simulations D2.3. Report on mixing dynamics in structured and unsteady flows D3.1. Model for precipitation in soils and drop condensation in supersaturated vapor D3.2. Data set of reaction efficiencies according to mixing conditions in porous media D3.3. Report on how mixing processes control condensation, chemical reaction patterns and flow instabilities D4.1. Algorithm of reinforcement learning to develop innovative strategies for infotaxis D4.2. Data set of chemotactic motion and growth rates in heterogeneous concentration Fields D4.3. Report on biological processes in mixtures D5.3. 1st workshop D5.4. 2nd workshop D5.5. 3rd workshop D5.6. CoPeRMix summer school D5.7. Mid-term training progress reports by supervision committee D5.8. CoPeRMix final conference D5.9. Career development plan D6.1. Network meetings D6.2. Network website operational D6.3. Recruitment of ESRs and Project Manager D6.4. Publications in peer reviewed journals D6.5. Public Engagement D6.6. Minute of progress meetings